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Supplier Partnership
Manufacturers, dealers and resellers can partner with Sevenion to offer their products which are auxiliary requirements for the software deployed by Sevenion for its customers.

Suppliers required for the Products

  • OEM computer hardware (servers, desktops and notebooks)
  • Networking and Printing equipment
  • Smartcard, magnetic cards and proximity card readers and writers
  • Barcode scanners, printers and printing stationary
  • RFID readers and writers

How it benefits supplier

  • Creates business opportunities as Sevenion connects the suppliers with the customers through the products.
  • Expand customer base.
  • Lower marketing and sales cost.

How it benefits customer

  • Single point contact for complete automation requirement.
  • Get the best quote for the products from atleast 3 competing suppliers for each product.
  • Product compatibilities are pretested and hence will comply with the software easily.
  • Sevenion's quality standards for the suppliers ensures customer get the best customer service and technical support from the suppliers.