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Types of Questions
Questions are at the core of any survey. Click4Survey provides support for a wide variety of questions to be put across to the audience and links the results in a manner that can be comprehended accurately and easily. Some of the prominent type of questions supported include:
  • Single selection multiple choice - can select one of the provided options as the answer.
  • Multiple selection multiple choice - can selecte more than one option from the provided options.
  • Minimum selection multiple choice - must selected a minimum number of options.
  • Descriptive - answer is provided as textual input.
  • Cascaded questions - Depending on the response to a question the next set of questions/options are decided upon.

Each option in the questions can have:
  • Value. Aggregates in this case are performed on the number of such values collected as response.
  • Weight. The weight of the option selection is used in the reports. Example: rate the service of customer support repesentative (1 for Very bad, to 10 for Excellent).