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Automated Seating Arrangement
ExamPlanner deploys highly efficient proprietary algorithms to prepare the seating arrangment of the students for an examination.
  • Supports multiple students of multiple subjects in a room.
  • Supports any type of room layout.
  • Number of students per subject in a room can be selected.
  • Number of subjects in a room can be configured.
  • Seating arrangement plan is prepared to:
    • use less number of rooms for the examination.
    • have minimal number of subjects in a room, for quicker paper distribution and sorting.
    • group students of batch together, to help students easily identify room locations.
  • Seating pattern takes into account the strength of the students and the subjects for examination on a given day of examination.
  • ExamPlanner also has the option to reuse the seating plan for multiple days, depending on the branches/classes taking the examination.