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Salient features of the application:
  • Standards Compliance. Complies with the Quality Control standards for the manufacturing industry set by international standards bodies.
  • Easy to Use. QualCon's interface and workflows are build with the goal to save time and operate easily. The interfaces are simple, easy to use, consistent and quicker to perform the operations needed.
  • Reporting. Generates standard reports out of box in real-time with no effort. Generate charts and reports like Pareto charts, Control charts, Xbar, X-R, XmR chart, u-chart, z-chart, non-conformance reports, supplier quality analysis, trend charts and more.
  • Central Repository. QualCon can holds Inspection checklists, individual inspection data, reports and all inspection documents like the part drawings, inspection instructions, supplier report, invoices, non-conformance reports and the like at one single place. Making it quicker to access the necessary information.
  • Low cost of ownership. Cost of owning QualCon is much lower than other products in similar category. Hardware and software costs involved are minimal.
  • Easy to Access. A web based application that can be accessed from anywhere on the intranet through a web browser. Requires no client application installation on user machine.
  • Flexibility. All components of the Quality Process can be modified to fit to the precise needs of the plants. Quality Plans, Sampling Schemas, Inspection Types and Inspection Stages are all modifiable.
  • Extensibility. With the expanding needs of the plants, QualCon can be extended to meet the newer requirements. Plants can define and add new inspection types, inspection stages, sampling schemas, roles and workflows.
  • SAP Integration. Integrates with SAP for extended functionality, smoother operations and improved productivity. Can be extended to integrate with other ERP systems.
  • Measurement Device Integration. Measurement devices can be integrated into QualCon to save the time of recording results.
  • SmartInput. A measurements recording feature unique to QualCon. It enables the users to input measurements at very high speed.
  • Role and Access Controls. A proprietary role and access mechanism has been developed to provide the organizations the ability to easily manage and assign permissions to the features that the users can access.