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Inspection Stages
QualCon has an extensible framework that enables it to be used in any type and number of inspection stages. The common stages of inspection pre-configured for manufacturing processes are:
  • Incoming Inspection
  • Finished Goods Inspection/Outgoing Inspection
  • Production Line Inspection by the Quality Team
  • Operator Inspection in the line
  • Audit Inspections
  • Calibration Inspection

Incoming Inspection

Parts and products are inspected at the receiving point of the plant. This includes the material procured from Suppliers. Inspections are performed at the goods receiving point to ensure quality standards are met by the supplier.

Finished Goods Inspection/Outgoing Inspection

Manufactured products or semi-assembled products are inspected after the completion of the manufacturing. Before the products are shipped to the customer the items are inspected for quality standard.

Production Line Inspection by the Quality Team

Inspections are performed by the quality team in the production lines during the manufacturing of the products to ensure the manufacturing quality is up to the mark and to monitor the consitent production quality.

Operator Inspection in the line

Within the manufacturing process, the operators inspect the semi-assembled parts as they continue with the assembly. Defects identified will be either corrected or assembly discarded before proceeding. Tracking the inspection data here enables plants to estimate wasted material/work hours.

Audit Inspections

Audits can be performed on various manufacturing processes. These could be quality audits, standard compliance audits, procedural audits, etc. These are performed on an adhoc basis.

Calibration Inspection

Calibration of the devices used in the manufacturing or quality inspection processes can be inspected and performed as per schedule and their quality can be assessed through these inspections.

Extendible stages

Newer inspection stages to accommodate the inspection needs of the plants can be added into QualCon. New stages will have all the functionality and flexibility as that of the other inspection stages.