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Quality Plans
Quality Plans form the first step in the Quality Control Processes. It contains the details of the inspections to be performed. Information contained in Quality Plans in QualCon include:
  • Characteristics to be inspected. It informs to the inspection engineers what to inspect
  • Character Properties. Contains information like the importance of the characteristic, how to inspect and what measurements must be recorded and the acceptable tolerance limits for the characteristic.
  • Sampling Schema. The sample size to be inspected for the characteristic is calculated based on the sampling schema specified.
  • Inspection Documents. Documents that would need to be referred for the inspection like the part drawings and inspection instructions can be attached to the quality plan. Once attached these documents become available for the inspection engineer while performing the inspection.
  • Notes. Notes inform the inspection engineers of additional information to be taken into account. Like the instruments to use, calibration instructions, reports to use, etc.