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QualCon has extensive support for reporting. Three modes of reporting are made available for complete coverage for the present and future reporting requirements.

Predefined Reports

A fixed set of reports are made available out of the box in QualCon. These cater to the most of the regular reporting requirements of the Quality control processes. Some of the reports include:
  • Pareto charts
  • Control charts
  • Xbar charts
  • X-R
  • XmR
  • u-chart
  • z-chart
  • Inspection progress report
  • Inspection time report
  • Lot Status reports
  • Supplier performance report
  • Supplier non-conformance report
  • Supplier History report
  • Part History report
  • Part and product defective rate report
  • Inspection Engineer load report
All the reports come with the following set of features built into them:
  • Filter by all the fields of the inspection
  • Run trends by - Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year
  • Drilldown from the report to the individual inspection level data
  • Sort by the field of choice
  • Export reports to Excel
  • Send the report by email
  • Add notes and attach files to the report

Reporting through Excel

Users can generate custom reports as per the need requirement through Microsoft Excel. Connection to QualCon enables pivot tables to be generated in Excel. Through the use of Pivot Table and Pivot Charts, user can built the reports as required. This option provides the flexibility of selecting the fields and formatting of the report and charts.

Raw Data

All the data related to the inspections can be downloaded into a file. This data can then be used for generating reports as desired.