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Sampling Schemas
Samples to be picked for inspection from a lot are calculated by taking into account parameters like the criticality of the part, character to inspect, history of the part and supplier, the severity of inspection and finally the sampling schema to be used.

QualCon supports the following sampling out of box:
  • ISO/IEC standards sampling.
  • Percentage sampling.
  • Fixed sampling.
  • Tier based fixed sampling.
  • Tier based percentage sampling.
  • Manual sampling.

ISO/IEC standards sampling

Sample size is calculated as per the ISO standards for Sampling for Attribute and Variable characteristics. Complying standards are ISO 2859 and ISO 3951.

Percentage based sampling

Sample size to be inspected will be a percentage of the lot size.

Fixed Sampling

Fixed sample size is used irrespective of the lot size.

Tier based fixed sampling

Sample size depends on the tier into which the lot size belongs. Each tier has a fixed numerical sample size. The tiers are configured per plant requirement.

Tier based percentage sampling

Sample size to inspect will be a percentage of the lot size. The percentage value to be used is based on the tier into which the lot size belongs.

Manual Sampling

Sample size is defined at the time of inspection by the inspection engineer.

Decision Making

Along with each sampling the acceptance criterion are also defined. Decision making can be numerical or percentage based. The number of defective samples must be within the acceptance limit for the lot to be acceptable.