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SAP Integration
QualCon seamlessly integrates with SAP to exchange data between the two systems. Depending on the business process and the SAP Configuration in the organization QualCon integrates with Quality Management or Inventory Management modules of SAP.

Connector Versions

QualCon SAPConnectors download data from SAP based on which the quality processes are triggered. Once the operations are completed in QualCon the resulting actions to be performed by the inspection team in SAP are automatically performed by QualCon.
Two connectors are available for SAP:
  • QualCon SAPConnector X1 - communicates with the Quality Module (QM) module of SAP.
  • QualCon SAPConnector X2 - communicates with the Inventory Management (IM) modules of SAP.

Benefits of the Connector

  • Saves time. Regular tasks to be performed in SAP by the inspection team is automated thus saving time of the team.
  • Error free operation. As the operations are automated, problems occurring due to human errors are eliminated.
  • Extending the Business Workflow. While keeping the current SAP workflows intact, the business process automation can now be extended to quality control tasks with ease.
  • Cost saving. With the QualCon SAPConnector in place, the low cost of ownership and high ROI of QualCon makes it an excellent business option over other solutions.