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Interaction between supplier and the manufacturing units happens at multiple points through the life of the products.
  • Plant raises PO to the supplier for the products/material. This information is available to the supplier through the portal instantaneously.
  • Internal quality team, finance and procurement teams set their remarks onto the order.
  • Supplier produces for the order and before shipping performs the minimum quality checks as specified by the plant.
  • All required information for the order to be produced, like the part drawings, instruction sheets and quality checklists will be made available through the supplier portal.
  • As soon as the quality tests are completed, the reports are sent immediately to the Quality Team in the plants. Quality teams can review the reports and can stop the order from shipping if they find issues.
  • Supplier ships the products after quality clearance from the plant.
  • On arrival of the order, plant can perform quality inspections the results of which will also be available to the supplier.
  • If there are any defects SupplierConnect enables the information to be shared with the supplier automatically and the same can be rectified at the earliest.
  • Through the life of the material in the plant, the information collected for the supplier is available for the supplier and the plant management for review.