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Generic Cases
  • Test cases that are repeatedly executed against various features of the product can be grouped under generic cases.
  • The generic test cases detail the testing to be performed in a generic manner without giving specifics of the component to be tested.
  • While compiling test cases for a component, these generic cases are added by giving the component specific information.
  • This eliminates the re-entry of the test cases every time it is needed.
  • Some of the common generic test case categories include:
    • Input Validations for form fields.
    • Navigation tests for the website and applications.
    • Layout cases for the user interfaces.
    • Styles cases for the appearance of the user interface.
    • Security cases for the applications.
    • Performance cases for the applications.
  • The concept of Generic Cases also helps in setting a common testing standard across the products.
  • As the generic cases are copied to the components across the products, the guidelines indicated in the generic cases are carried to the individual products too.