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Role in Product Development
TestTrax finds its usage from the time the product features are identified and goes remains an integral part of the product even beyond the life of the product.
  • Functional specifications: TestTrax gets into the picture with the creation of product hierarchy for Test Center and BUGed. Required generic cases for the product are filed.
  • Design: Test case are file based on functional specifications and reviewed for completness.
  • Development: Build verifications test are executed on the builds. Also assists in unit tests. Test planning begins are code gets to completion.
  • Testing and Release: Full length testing begins and TestTrax gets into full untilization. Builds are tested and bugs are filed. Bugs are triaged, resolved, regressed and closed. Product release is tracked through TestTrax.
  • Product Support: Customer issues are logged into BUGed for product team's attention. Technical support teams refer to BUGed for prior occurance of the issue and can advice customers as per the details in the bug.
  • Next version planning: All postponed bugs will be reactived for the next version. Customer issues too get logged in to the next version.