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How it works
TextMS consists of three components:
  • Message Source Listener
  • Message Transmission Service
  • Message Delivery System

Message Source Listener

  • The listeners talk to various system and application objects on a machine.
  • Some popular listeners include: EventLog Listener, File System Listener, Services Listener, System Resources Listener, Message Queue Listener and Port Listener
  • Each listener keeps track of the object that it is designed to watch for. Upon receiving the information that it is configured to alert, the listener creates the Information Packet and send in to the Tramission Service for forwarding.

Message Transmission Service

  • Upon receiving the Information Packet, Transmission Service sends the packet to the Message Delivery System.
  • Transmission Service handles the communication through proxies, non-proxies, load balancing and tramission on low bandwidth lines.
  • Information is compressed and encrypted before transmitting.

Message Delivery System

  • Converts the information into the desired format.
  • Sends the information/files to the destination.