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What can it do?
TextMS core functionality is to:
  • Transfer information from the source to the destination in the desired format.
  • Automate the information collection, transmission and delivery tasks.
  • Transmit information through Email, SMS, IM, Website or to a Database.
  • Deliver the information in the designated format - plain text, rich text, excel files, binary files, as voice or compressed files.

What can be realized with TextMS is limited by the possible needs to receive information when something occurs.
  • Get an SMS/Email when a critical service stops on your server.
  • Get alerted when the Stock Quote meets the set limits.
  • Get notified when a customer logs a complaint or places request for a service.
  • Get an SMS when someone enters restricted premises. Could be your home or office.
  • Receive the errors from the client machines while using your applications and store them into your database.
  • Post on the website about server downtimes.
  • Call emergency services when the fire breaks.
and the list goes on...