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Model Applications
Regular steps of application development involve the backend database design, middle tier code to handle business rules and then the user interface development. stiX abstracts the database and user interface development by abstracting these tasks. Applications are modelled on stiX.
  • The focus of the application development will be more on the requirements.
  • Requirements can be modelled in stiX to produce the desired information stores called Blobs in stiX.
  • stiX comes with the Modelling and Management tools through which the information store requirements can be communicated to the underlying platform.
  • Once all the required fields are identified and modelled in stiX, the commonly required user interfaces for input, view, list and delete are readily available out of the box.
  • What fields appear on the screen and in which view, the sort order of the records and the stylesheet for the views can all be configured from the modelling tools.