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stiX takes Rapid Application Development a step ahead into the Accelerated Application Development. Build web applications and solutions with almost zero coding. Simply model the application through stiX and see your application come up live and running in no time.

Model Applications in real-time     Zero Frontend Coding     Zero Database Design

The platform comes built-in with most widely used functionality of the modern day web based applications. Contains templates for authentication, authorization, role and access, content organization, forms, views, searches and data presentation all of which can be reused, customized and extended to fit the application requirements.

Built-in Components     Reusability    Consistency     Extensible Architecture

The platform has been built to run on any Windows-based machine with IIS and .Net Framework v2.0. Database runs on a SQL Server database. Libraries are written in C#. Web applications built on stiX are compatible with all popular web browsers and Operating Systems.

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